The main outputs of the Project are: a set of 14 case studies gathering best practices related to farmers/producers cooperation in the involved countries – in different sectors, fruit and vegetables, dairy, livestock etc. and with different functions marketing, credit, insurance, procurement, etc. depending on variable describing their competitiveness; videos capturing business models and management practices of cooperative enterprises, teaching materials on agriculture economics on agri-food value chain and the position of cooperative enterprises; cooperative enterprise and other collective farmers, rural organizations, including farmers associations –legal /institutional aspects and public policies, and management of cooperatives– economic, financial and technical aspects and an open online education kit with practical tools on starting an agriculture cooperative start-up, business planning and financial management of an agriculture cooperative in the context of agri-food value chain.

    The expected intellectual outputs of the Project are:

    • O1 Case studies of agriculture cooperatives in the participating countries
    • O2 Videos on agriculture cooperatives
    • O3 Guidelines on policies for producer organisations based on country reports about the State of agriculture producers organisations and public policies for the sector
    • O4 Teaching materials on agriculture cooperative entreprises and producer organisations
    • O5 Open Online Education Kit with practical tools for an agriculture cooperative start-up and management







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